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Toshiki Kadomatsu - I Can't Stop The Night

Toshiki Kadomatsu Gold Digger album cover

DANCE SYNTH BREAK! City pop style! Relentless electric drums, sequins, Madonna hair, multicolored lights flashing across the dance floor... Yes this is the track that'll zip you back to 1985 in your fluorescent DeLorean and dance all night.

Toshiki Kadomatsu's I Can't Stop The Night is so relentless! Those ELECTRIC DRUMS!

If you're ever finding yourself throwing a synthy 80s city pop dance party, it's illegal to skip this one. It's my first time mentioning Toshiki Kadomatsu here, but he's got a lot of dance floor flare up his sleeve, not just on this track. Still... I Can't Stop The Night, I have to say, stands out amongst the crowd of Kadomatsu bangers.

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