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Yukika - Lovemonth

Updated: Apr 18

This song was something of a gift. Already on the city pop path I didn't realize how wide that path would become once I discovered all the modern city pop-inspired sounds coming out of Korea. Yukika's lovemonth would be a spark that pulled me deeper into the rabbit hole.

Listening suggestion: on a sunset drive

My favorite Yukika song changes pretty often, but one constant is how much I love listening to Yukika's Lovemonth at the tail-end of dusk and how it may in fact be my all-time favorite.

Driving into the sunset with Lovemonth

"Like poison that has no antidote

That’s what I learned love was"

Lovemonth has it all: starts with a bang, sparkly synths, melodies that hook, beats that know when to rev up and slow down. It's modern, but has that classic city pop sound.

Why I like this track: killer classic city pop vibes

Take a listen!


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