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Soundtrack to my 80s anime heart: Rainbow Note's Venus

It's criminal how underrated Rainbow Note is! This cannot be allowed to stand. As is and will be mentioned in many posts, a big purpose of this blog is to introduce classic city pop listeners to modern Korean city pop.

Listening Suggestion: Venus was crafted for soft sparkly sapphire nights.
Time to get warm and nocturnal with Venus!

Uplifting tempo, uplifting melody, and Rainbow Venus telling us all "you're gonna be all right, you're gonna be all right."

Rainbow Venus, like Kim Areum, is a Korean artist with a backlog of city pop-inspired singles. Venus is just one in that list, but I think it fits the bill as a good introductory track to the rest of her song stylings.

Why I like this track: Uplifting, warm, and sparkly

It's a track that goes well with day, night, mornings, evenings, but the glowy, sparkly upbeat tempo makes, in this author's mind, it a stellar track for those warm happy nights.

Enjoy! And be sure to check out more from Rainbow Note's official YouTube channel!

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