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Yu Hayami - Popcorn Island

Updated: Apr 18

I'm still thumbing through Yu Hayami's discography, but "Popcorn Island" on her 1984 album RECESS is a seriously STANDOUT track and may be my favorite of her's yet.

Listening suggestion: with popcorn along your local beach boardwalk
eating popcorn on the beach
There actually is a "popcorn island" in the Canary Islands

Produced by Yuichiro Oda, the innocent intro pops into existence note by note like musical popcorn and sets out on a grand tropical adventure.

It's hard to say whether it qualifies as city pop. It would be best not to overthink the definition of city pop as even in Japan "city pop" as a phrase has no meaning and even the more correct phrasing "new music" is amorphous and wide.

Why I like this song: sounds like musical popcorn!

You can listen to this track on Spotify, Apple Music, or basically any streamer with a subscription service - even better if you can get yourself RECESS on vinyl. Still, for those without access to those superior methods, here's my own upload with a visualizer.

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