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Miho Nakashima - Sherry + Triangle Love Affair

Updated: Apr 18

I love the edgy sounds of Miho Nakayama's 80s discography in general, but her 1988 album Catch the Nite is a highlight for me. So many neon night drive stunners!

Listening suggestion: on a night drive past neon lights
neon anime 80s night drive
A neon night drive is just what these songs need

The two tracks that stand out to me the most are Sherry and Triangle Love Affair.

They're two sides of the same coin: perforated with electronic drums, synths, a pulsing vibrating beat, and the occasional sax.

Sherry is wistful, cooing the lyrics "Sherry, you're not the only one who feels sorrow. Everyone's been there before."

Triangle Love Affair is dangerous. "A love triangle is so mysterious and pleasant. We'd often laugh together" but it goes on to say "The love triangle loses one of its corners, and now here we are face to face."

Why I like these tracks: pulsating electronic drum beats layered with emotion

Miho Nakayama has her own official YouTube channel with a lot of the original tracks uploaded. So, without further adieu, here are Sherry and Triangle Love Affair.

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