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D2ear - 꽃내음 (Scent of Flowers), back to Korean city pop!

D2ear has been a pleasant surprise! Lots of pleasant city pop tracks, including this aptly-timed cherry blossom / spring single 꽃내음 (roughly "the Scent of Flowers").

What a fantastic set of songs! I looked up more about D2ear and there's lots of chill, vibey songs, some with city pop sensibility, some without, but her breathy vocal style and the atmospheric beats make for some really nice sunny driving music.

I added this song to my Korean City Pop Spring Mix, but I really like listening to the album on its own. You can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, plus any Korean streaming site like Melon, Bugs, or Genie. YAY ♡ Spring Korean city pop is the best!

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