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Baek A-yeon - Magic Girl, more spring Korean city pop!

Gotta soak up spring while we can. It doesn't last long! That being said, while you're on the look out for flowers and bunnies and beams of sun, listen to Baek A-yeon's Magic Girl. There's some sparkly, space elements too, but it's uplifting "new day" feeling cements it for me as a spring song. Spring is when new life starts.

Listening Suggestion: The car speaker, passing by a wholesome flower field

I'm having a blast shuffling through different tunes, deciding which ones to highlight on here, and it's especially been fun to find matching spring tunes, which through no coincidence typically ends up being Korean city pop. I can kind of understand why. Japanese city pop fits better with city vibes, and maybe Japan having more of an island vibe there' also more beachy, ocean drive tunes.

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